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Reasons for the popularity of fantasy

Reason 1: "Share your smile..."

Things are so good or so bad that you just need to share it, to pour out the excess of emotional energy. Just tell it orally? Not always, not all people can be told, and not everyone will understand. But to write ... Yes, in such a form that no one will suspect you of whining or mocking ... And you, for the sake of curiosity, try to write.

Why fantasy?

Why not modern prose, not historical fiction based on true events, why not space fiction or alternate history? Why not the much-admired ironic detective, mystery thriller or action thriller?

Reason 1: "And I love fairy tales!"

Like those who read fantasy because they dislike ordinariness, you too lack in life a fairy tale, bright and unusual events. And in your fantasy world you can be a magician or a knight, and at least there you can show your real self and get away from boring reality.

Reason 2: "I'm crazy about elves!

Or - not necessarily about elves. You just like unusual fairy tale creatures, and they, alas, do not fit into the context of modernity.

Reason 3: "Space for Imagination."

Indeed, finance homework help online where else can you go about your own fantasies, describing strange events and phenomena like magic, making up stories and legends rather than digging them up in books? And again, nobody can accuse you of unreliability. Why, then, not action space fiction? You still need to know something about space physics, engineering and starships...

Of course, you may have your own, different reasons for reading or writing fantasy. But for sure they all come from the same source - a love of fairy tales.

Fantasy is a special genre, it can hardly be considered "fashionable" like an ironic detective or a love novel. This genre is suitable, first and foremost, for people with a fervent imagination and boundless fantasy. And that's what makes it useful.

Fantasy stories go beyond the usual and beyond reason, erasing templates and changing stereotypes. And anyone who has been imbued with the charm of a fairy tale will want to go back again and again.

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