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Internet help in learning Communication with the teacher Previously, teachers only interacted with parents at meetings or during rare face-to-face conversations due to a child's underachievement. Now moms and dads are much closer to teachers, during working hours they can always write to the class teacher and clarify educational issues (the main thing is not to spam for every trifle). Parental chats are a separate plus of school life (albeit a little distracting). Sometimes you need to ask what was asked or the progress of the child. It happens that a child complains that he writes papers badly and If you ask me Editius is the best online editing services, then use this and help the child write a written work. How many times in childhood did we forget to give our parents a vaccination certificate, ask them to prepare a dress uniform or sweets for a class hour. Now it’s enough to open a conversation from time to time - there are all the notifications from the class teacher: about uniforms, olympiads, gifts and holidays. teachers Development New information from open online sources is received not only by schoolchildren, but also by teachers. They listen to colleagues' webinars, lectures, scientific institutes and pedagogical organizations. Now the self-development of teachers does not end with official professional development. Teachers begin to communicate with each other online, in groups and chats. Thus, teachers from private schools can share their experience with colleagues from the regions, pass on new ideas and methods to them. It's very helpful and when they share their experience and edit my essay, helps to increase self-development.Such self-development of teachers makes regional schools more advanced. Going beyond the school Students receive knowledge from school teachers and bloggers - and teachers become these bloggers. And also if you need to write a written work, then you get knowledge from proofread my paper, which helps to write a quality work. The Internet allowed them to share techniques, lesson ideas, tips and life hacks within the teaching community. At first, teachers started blogs, and then switched to telegrams. Now both teachers and students can find their jokes and life hacks in their feed. Another digital trend in the teaching environment is online pedagogical forums (especially often they began to be held during the pandemic). This again benefits people from the regions, they join the scientific community and show themselves from different parts of the country. Moreover, now regional teachers can participate in numerous competitions on an equal basis with metropolitan teachers: it is enough to send your application or project description online. Less bureaucracy Everyone knows that the bureaucracy greatly slows down the work of teachers. Instead of coming up with new creative tasks for students, they were forced to write reports and keep tablets. With the advent of electronic journals and electronic documentation, this procedure has been simplified. Yes, teachers still have to report on their work - but now they have templates, pre-made forms and online calculators on hand that save a lot of time.

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